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This is a complete source code like Instagram along with iOS & Website included. Now it will be more handy to capture and share your latest photo shoots with your groups/friends using this fantastic app, be updated and connected everyday through images with your friends/family. Its simple to use Just capture the image from Camera or Gallery, Add eye catch effects and filters and share with your friend’s and group .Get socialized by adding comments, Rate & review each friends images also get same for the your images from followers.

  • Support iPhone 6 , 6+ with iOS 8 Compatibility as well **

Itunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-tattoogram/id917231280?ls=1&mt=8

How are we better then our competitors:

1.None of our competitor are offering the below features. What we tried is almost replicate all features of Instagram.

2.Robust Scalable Architecture: This app can scale decent amount of concurrent access at very less price. In other words Price Vs Speed ratio will be very less. The reason’s are this.

a.This app use Amazon S3 as cloud server to store data. Amazon s3 is 100{85185aba0b21f354708017d1bf834f2d9bc7c3ab4fd4cb271351ff0c5ebc5a43} reliable and they are assuring 99.9{85185aba0b21f354708017d1bf834f2d9bc7c3ab4fd4cb271351ff0c5ebc5a43} uptime . Since only data is stored in this server its cost effective in terms of pricing structure. App is one to one connected to Amazon s3 and NOT using any intermediately Php or JSON for connection. Hence speed is unmatchable.

b.Database and Php files can be hosted on cloud based server. Any Good cloud server, which has 512MB or 1GB of RAM, & few GB’s of space can be a great match. We have tried our best to use Min. of CPU and that too only for Database access & few internal calculations. Rest is all taken care by App. Hence its reduce Server latency and intern give a QUICKEST Response to an app.

c.Coming to Website, As Website is completely build using Client side tempting engine. This is completely a turn key to speed up the site. Website is opening at lightning speed .

3. Best Price: We are giving an App + Website + CMS + Web Service at just the price of an app .

4. After sale 12/6 support & Available for any reskin and or feature addition.

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