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Dot up! is a super cool puzzle game and is trending top charts at the moment. Game play is simple yet addictive , just tap any where on the screen to move ball up , avoid hurdles and obstacles as you play.


- Supports all devices iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 5c, All iPads.

- Support 64 Bit -Architecture , Implemented with Cocos2D Engine. ( V 2.x)

- 100{85185aba0b21f354708017d1bf834f2d9bc7c3ab4fd4cb271351ff0c5ebc5a43} white labeled code . Very easy and clean code to modify and understand .

- Objective-C code with Xcode 6.x Project

- Easy to reskin.

- Stylish sounds , music & Animations between screen transaction.

- Addictive & same game play as original game . ( including 100{85185aba0b21f354708017d1bf834f2d9bc7c3ab4fd4cb271351ff0c5ebc5a43} replication of ball movements , obstacle positioning etc. )

- Chartboost Interstitial Ad after every Game Over.

- Well Written Documentation.

- Unlimited game play.

- Full Game ready to upload to app-store .

- Game-Center with Leaderboard and Multiple Achievements.

- Facebook and Twitter Sharing.

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